Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Great Find: GastroBrewery: Revolution Brewing Chicago

Every once in a while, when out running errands, I'll remember that there are a lot of places in Chicago that I have been wanting to check out. And on rare occasion, I might actually be in the area of one of those places when I think about it. This was the case a couple weeks before my motorcycle accident when I found myself near the Logan Square neighborhood in Chicago. I wasn't real sure what the menu was like, but regardless, I was in the mood for a good mid-day beer on my Sunday (Monday). So I made a slight detour to the fairly recently opened and well received Revolution Brewing Company.

The menu turned out to be a decent mixture of fun pub-grub and some more traditional things like burgers and sandwiches. A couple entrees and pizzas round this out. But two things grabbed my attention rather quickly and nothing else swayed me away from them. I love a good beer-cheese soup. Rebecca and I have spent lots of time trying to find one, any, in Chicago and have never suceeded. So to see one with a home-made brew and local cheese, it took NO effort on my bartendresses part to get things rolling. And let me tell you, it is great. I am not a fan of sour cream or lots of thyme, but my first bite (slurp) led to me eventually wanting to lick the bowl clean!

That other item that I knew I'd be trying was the plate of house-made sausage and ham. I was a bit hesitant once I was told that the ham was a ham salad. I am not a fan of many white sauces, this includes mayonnaise, sour cream and ranch type sauces. But I braved it and was quite pleased. The ham used and been cured and cooked in house. I feel bad admitting it, bud I can't, for the life of me, remember exactly what the other sausages were. I know for a fact that one was a peppered beef-bourbon sausage. I ate here the same week I went into the hospital, and well, I can blame it on the pain drugs! I want to say that one was a Thuringer or knockwurst, two of my favorites. This one had great taste but the texture was slightly, just slightly, dry. The other wants to be remembered in my head as duck, but I can't swear by it. I feel my credibility slipping here with this lapse in memory, sorry. But I do remember the texture on this one was spot on as was everything else about it. The garnishes were perfect, a grainy mustard, cornichons and some dark rye bread. The only other thing on the menu I had wished I had room for was the bacon-fat popcorn. But that just means I need to go back soon for some more grub and beer! The beers I enjoyed most that day, in a build your-own tasting were the Workingman Mild and the Bottom Up Belgian Wit.

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