Saturday, November 20, 2010

So I lied.

While we did not lie about being alive, we were wrong about getting to some posting in the near future surrounding that September post. The kitchen at the new apartment is pretty much unpacked. The pantry is stocked. And we bought a work table that serves as a kitchen island, providing plenty of cooking space. So once I can find a day that my leg isn't sore from being on it all day, and I just happen to have the goods I need to get something done, I hope to post something. I have started a batch of Hard Cider. That only takes 5 minutes of standing, so I'll try to document that soon to whet your appetite for more fun stuff. I'm thinking of a pig's tail project too, in hopes I can complete most of it on a day off. We've picked up a couple new cookbooks to for inspiration. So please, stay tuned. We hope to get going on another project once it is feasible!

(some housemade soprasetta fermenting @ a local hot-spot)