Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Atlanta Underground Market - September 2012

As you may have read a couple months back, the Atlanta Nosh market has been cancelled. The organizer suddenly announced it "closure" and left many of the vendors wondering "what's next?" Luckily a former vendor has stepped up and had continued to operate a market with many of the same vendors. As a matter of fact, it is being operated as The Atlanta Underground Market, the original namesake of the original market we first started our Atlanta venture under. For more info on that check out the last post.

Our Signature Smoked Sausage
For the return to the AUM format we have switched up our approach a bit. We are doing housemade sausages and a Cured Plate. All the sausages will be served on H&F Bread Co. buns. For every market we plan to offer up our Signature Smoked Sausage. It is an all pork sausage with several spices that is smoked with an Apple and Pecan wood-blend. For the market we offer it in a simple and classic way, topped with yellow mustard and diced onion (Vidalia when in season). We will also offer these in take-away packages so you can enjoy them at home!

Bratwurst (non-emulsified)
As a second house sausage option we did a Bratwurst. We went with a medium grind pork-only stuffing. Our spice blend is traditional (mace, nutmeg, white pepper, ginger) but we chose not to emulsify or use eggs or cream. For the market toppings we roasted garlic gloves and used them whole. It was topped with a Mustard-Ale Cheddar and finished with chives.

The Cured Plate
The super-exciting addition to our regular line-up is the Cured Plate. It will offer a small selection of house-cured meats, preserves, cheese and H&F Bread. For the kick-off market we went to our Pepperoni, our herby Lardo sliced thinly over the toasted baguette, some delicious Idiazabul Spanish cheese and pickled banana peppers from our backyard garden.

We have what may have been our best response yet. We saw several repeat guests who were happy to find us again. The overall turn-out wasn't quite as large as the previous AUM but it was much better than the Nosh series. We are looking forward to seeing the attendance grow as well as welcoming more friends to our fan base!

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