Monday, August 13, 2012

August News and Updates

Things seem to have been quiet around here since the cancelation of Atlanta Underground Market and Atlanta NOSH market. I was quite busy at work with some big events and I am still trying to find an ideal meat supplier. But things are definitely about to turn around for Low on the Hog.

Over a month ago Rebecca and I learned that we were going to have to move when our landlord received an unexpected offer on the house that he couldn't refuse. Immediately we were upset, saddened and frustrated. But as we tend to do we turned those frustrations into a chance for improvements in areas we thought we already had it all worked out. We found a new place in Atlanta with even more to offer than our current digs. It's larger in size, has a more usable landscape and is even closer to our friends and jobs. But what does this mean for Low on the Hog and our friends?

The new house has a full basement, most of which is ours to use. included in this basement is a room that will be transformed into the Low on the Hog Meat Cave. I envision it housing all the things I already have and need, but all in one temperature controlled room. Something I haven't had in full since I began this endeavor. This should allow better control over all the aspects that are so important in safe and successful charcuterie production. My old drying/hanging rack can again see life since the temperature and humidity of the room can be maintained properly. The fermenting/curing rack can serve solely its intended use, not limiting my ability by having to alternate fermenting and drying depending on weather and needs. This also has a happy turn for Rebecca as I will be able to do a lot more work out of our regular kitchen and free up space for normalcy! Did I mention more beer brewing?

Two versions of Duck Breast "Proscuitto"

Part of that usable landscape includes several large garden beds. The neighbor/landlords have had a great amount of success gardening in what will be our shared yard. Growing will be even better as they seem quite knowledgable about gardening and we will surely learn and benefit from their experience. The things we grow will surely show up in ready-to-eat dishes, and if abundance prevails, in some preserved goods as well.

Our nephew helping with a small harvest at the community garden

What ready-to-eat dishes you might wonder?! We recently learned that a former vendor of the Atlanta Underground Market has stepped up and taken the reigns from the former organizer who has moved away. While no new details have been released, we are told that little has changed and we should expect the first market to take place in September. I anticipate that our approach will be somewhere between our original AUM strategy (charcuterie and offal) and our success at NOSH (sausage creations). Stay tuned for more info on the restart of this event.

Pork Belly Pastrami and a Scotch Egg from a previous AUM

With the improved opportunities at home I am super excited to move towards the next step for Low on the Hog as well. That step being USDA certified production of our goods. I can use the space at home to master recipes that I can then produce at a shared kitchen that has recently received USDA approval. So not only can I sell packaged goods locally but also ship across state-lines to those who want our delicious products further from our home.

A trial package of Cherry Wood Smoked Bacon

So thank you all for your continued support wether it be visiting us here at the blog, as friends in our daily life or as regular customers as the ever changing market scene here in Atlanta. We look forward to  sharing our continued success with all of you!


  1. Mmmmmm, want some of that bacon :O)

  2. I'd love to hear more about your "meat room." We just moved as well, and there is a wine cellar in the basement, I was thinking of making it a meat room too. Not sure how to make sure the room is temperature & humidity controlled, given our fluctuating Ohio weather. Would you share your plans for putting the room together?


    John K.

    1. Hey John. Finally got that curing chamber post written and posted:

  3. I have every intention of documenting the change John! Thanks for stopping by.

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