Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let me explain!

I guess there are a couple things I would like to air out for everyone. Perhaps no one has even noticed or questioned them, but I'd feel better to let you all know a few things!

I am happy to share recipes. If it is a recipe that I assembled myself I will usually put it in the post. If it is something I got from a published book, I will not publish it on my website, but will always happily credit the author who put the time into their publication and link directly to it in hopes you'll make the wise investment and buy one of these great resources. Either way though, I would likely send you a recipe via email if you request it, and again urge you to buy the book!

My name is Darrin McCowan. I have no problem telling the world who I am, but again I don't feel like putting too much info out there until I see a need for everyone with internet access to know everything about me. Heck, if you read my intro posts, you might know more than many of my friends!

I work at a HUGE new (12/09) restaurant in Chicago. While I'd love to tell the world to check it out, I would not want anyone to tie responsibility of what I do here to the restaurant. Again, I am hiding nothing, just being pre-cautious! I work the Fish station one night a week, and I head-up the lounge kitchen and do charcuterie and special prep projects the rest of the week.

I do the majority of the photography myself. I studied photography out of high-school so I know how to work a camera. I do struggle a bit with trying to incorporate creativity AND documentation while doing these projects, in a usually hurried manner. My fiancée Rebecca helps with the styling when I actually complete a task while she is home. She is a graphic designer by trade, for a medium restaurant empire here in Chicago. When she helps out, it comes through in the photos as she has recently become quite interested in food-styling, how perfect! Perhaps someday we'll have quite the production like Donna and Michael Ruhlman. I am a trained graphic designer too, but you wouldn't guess that by the lack of design of this site!

Rebecca and I are marrying this coming Memorial Day weekend. We are breaking the bank and heading to Spain for 10 days for our honeymoon. While I cannot guarantee regular posting while abroad, I do assure plenty of meaty stories to follow our time there eating everything but the squeal (a great book by the way, click here.) We might drink some wine, beer and cider too ;-) We are also having a pig roast for the rehearsal dinner, which I am almost as excited for as the wedding, go figure. I will surely be documenting that experience, being led by Marty "the pig man."

That's about all I can think of right now that you, my few readers, may have questioned. So thanks for stopping by. Thanks for all the comments you are about to leave too, since that's the only way I really know that anyone really reads anything here!


(the photo at top is of some of the rare breed beef offered in London at Smith's of Smithfield the night I staged there)

(edited 05/11)

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  1. Darrin.. congrats on your pending nuptuals... you couldn't pick a better place to honeymoon ( for someone that loves pork, that is :)

    Thanks for the personal info as well. I did the same thing on my blog, but a bit more open. It's always nice to know a bit about the people who shape your charcuterie knowledge.